Today, we finished yesterday’s topic, “English Lessons in Korean Culture.”


About this article, I didn't have many ideas since I already told him what I think.

According to the blog, the writer says it might be more helpful to learn how to explain Korean culture or issues 

rather than to learn American or English cultures.


But, I don’t agree with his or her idea for both are equally important.

Just suppose that you are trying to explain some features of Korean TV shows.

Naturally, you are going to feel easy in a way to contrast Korean ones with American ones.

Same in other matters such as politics, education style, foods, etc. 

If you just only explain about something in Korea without understanding foreign cultures, 

I think it would be likely to have superficial conversation between you and an English speaker.   


And the second topic was pretty interesting, “On Facebook, it's now 4.74 degrees of separation.”


Actually, this article is more about the network we are connected with, not just about Facebook itself, the well-known social network service.


I already knew some experiments and facts mentioned in the news,

because I researched and read some books about the network analysis in order to apply it in my thesis. 

Unfortunately, I had to find another way with some difficulties mapping the whole world in a stochastic way, where I’d like to describe.


It was very pleasant experience to talk about this issue that not many people, as far as I know, are interested in this topic. 

During the class, I thought Jason is not a normal teacher :-) Of course, in a good way. 

I am looking forward to studying English together with Jason.



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    운영자:) 2011.11.24 23:19

    정말 좋은 후기네요!! 저도 영어로 댓글을 남겨볼까 하고 잠시 망설였지만, 그건 제이슨 선생님의 영역으로 남겨놓겠습니다.

    문제는 제이슨 선생님이 영어로 남긴 이 후기를 직접 찾으실 수가 없기때문에 제가 링크를 드려야한다는 거죠^^

    그래도 영어로 Andy님이 후기를 남겼다고 어젠가 말씀드렸더니 정말 흥분? 하시면서 좋아하시더라구요.

    늘 이 후기들을 직접 읽고 싶어하셔서, 구글 번역기를 애용하시는데.. 쓸만하지가 않은가봐요^^;;;;

    제가 부정적인 내용이 있으면 절대 놓치지 않고 전달하겠노라고 했는데도 역시 궁금하시겠죠?

    Jason is not a normal teacher in a good way 라는 말에는 저와 많은 수강생분들이 공감하실 것 같아요.

    좋은 후기 감사합니다!

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